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Your body is good---right now, exactly as it is, regardless of its size, shape or function. Still, this reality is often distorted by a culture drowning in harmful, confusing and diet-centered messaging. For many, this leads to wounded relationships with food, body, and self.
At Good Body Nutrition, we aim to restore these relationships through individualized and evidence-based nutrition therapy.
Explore our services and book a free inquiry call today. 


The Services

Good Body Nutrition offers virtual nutrition services. Explore our service options and schedule a free inquiry call to explore what services are right for you. 


The Dietitian

I specialize in intuitive eating, body acceptance, and recovery from chronic dieting and disordered eating. My philosophy is rooted in the Health at Every Size (HAES®) approach, as I acknowledge that true wellness is supported by health-promoting behaviors, not rigid food/exercise rules or a number on the scale.

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